Blog Post #9: Money vs Love

Money certainly has its power. But what it cannot replace, now and ever, is love. For whoever saying money rules, please take a moment to consider this.

Money can be traded for a lot of things, but not love. Money can buy you a house, but not a home; money can warm your body, but not your soul. You can give a person luxurious clothes, jewellery, fancy cars, yet they could still despise you. Love, on the other hand, is an unconditional offer and is given without any request for anything in return.

Material things have an expiry date, but love can last a lifetime; it lives on even when a person has passed away. When your pocket is clinking, more people would want to get to know you. Friends come, lovers come. But those relationships that come with money might not stick around anymore as soon as the money is gone. Yet love, true love, would stay with you through thick and thin, and never let go.

Love embraces us and gives people motivation to keep trying and move forward. Some people argue that even if love is important, we still need foods to fill our hungry stomachs, and money to buy those foods; we live on money, not on love. But life with money and no love is a hell on earth. Love can carry people through the darkest times and push them toward a brighter future.

If it comes the day when you have to choose one over another, don’t waste your time hesitating. Choose love, because it’s all you’d ever need.


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