Blog Post #1: A girl with no passion

On my first time in COMM 201 Lab, when George was jumping around the room talking about blogging with intense enthusiasm, I sat there a happy smiling girl, and a dead man inside. I was terrified. I had expected anything else but this. And WHAT ON EARTH would I put on my blog? I had a Tumblr account 3 years ago, it was deserted as I didn’t know what to post – true story. Yet I was willing to do anything that’d get me good grades, so I cooperated: I created a WordPress site, then read the first reference: “15 Reasons Why I Think You Should Blog”. And I’m glad I read it, because my fear started going away, for the excitement to fill in.

“You’ll live a more intentional life.”.

That part got me thinking. I’ve never really developed true passion for anything. I play the piano, but I’m just average. My drawings are not bad, even so I didn’t get to any point with that. The same thing happens to swimming, photography, gardening, and so on. I’m not obsessed with anything, although I wish I were.

Maybe writing a blog would help me find out what I like, who I am. I can’t say what really interests me right now, since I’m not doing great at anything and people usually don’t like things they’re not good at.  But having a blog will encourage me to put more effort on what I do, because I know I might write about them. And as I get better, my passion for things would grow and I’d just be able to figure it out.

What also stroke me was “You’ll develop an eye for meaningful things.”. Life is so crazy busy, most people don’t realise what’s the most valuable, and keep wasting time – which is only offered in limited amount – on minor issues. Having to choose what to write about is a good practice of filtering the most worthy to spend time on, recognising things to cherish, before it’s too late.

The number one reason I’m writing this is obviously because I don’t want a zero on my first Reading Blog assessment. But there’s more that’s pushing me toward this thing I’ve never thought I would do. I’m writing my blog. I’m on my way seeking for the passion and vision I’m still missing.

Let’s see how things go.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Post #1: A girl with no passion


    Now, of course, writing is a process… an ITERATIVE process, if I may be so bold as to make you perhaps reach for a dictionary (and contradict everything I say about using simple and clear language… heh heh). But there is a spark to your writing that tells me you very much are a creative writer who loves reading and writing. You can’t hide that from me! It shines.


    The title is perfect. And you made me laugh out loud here, no mere LOL acronym for such a chuckle! Bravo. Well done! And I appreciate the honesty. Yes, students are obligated to blog for marks. It’s, alas, the currency of the college realm. These are the cards we are dealt. These are the cards we play. You play them with flair, humour and wisdom. Bravo!

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    • Thank you for your uplifting comment. I know I’m not gonna get positive feedback very often, so it was just precious. Really made me wanna try harder for the upcoming posts. And also kept me staring at the air smiling for no reasons.

      About the part “if I may be so bold as to make you perhaps reach for a dictionary”, do you mean I need to use more high-level ways of expression?


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